About Fivics USA

Fivics USA was founded in early 2020 as a branch of Fivics Korea by Edward Kim and Jason Sures. Our goal is to bring high quality recurve archery equipment to the United States and make the sport accessible to archers of all skill levels. Our company is based out of Los Angeles, California and has a small staff dedicated to serving our customers as well as working with volunteers interested in various aspects of business to help them gain experience. Fivics’ team also consists of sponsored archers from various North American countries.

Starting Fivics USA during the Covid 19 pandemic was not an easy task, but the team’s dedication to their archers and the loyalty of their customers helped us push through the difficult start up. Fivics USA is steadily growing and always remains passionate about helping archers achieve their goals. Check out our individual staff bios as well as sponsored archer bios! Lead to victory!

Mission Statement

Fivics USA was founded to serve archers in North America by providing high quality archery equipment at an affordable price, while delivering excellent customer service to each of our individual customers.

Vision Statement

Fivics USA strives to expand the sport of Olympic archery. We want to help collegiate clubs, recreational clubs, and individual archers begin the sport of archery, and continue their journey with different levels of equipment to match their personal growth. We hope to expand the business over the next three years and offer more sponsorship programs, getting a Fivics bow in the hand of every beginner.